Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome!! I finally made it out of the stone ages and now have a blog!! I really don't know what I am doing and hope you can all bear with me as I learn. My hope in creating a blog is to have some accountability in my life to help me become a better person. Today is Saturday, a perfect day to start since we are "off" from school. Our family's latest goal is develop a meaningful prayer life. It takes baby steps and I hope to expand our dedications in time. The most recent addition we have added is the daily Seven Sorrows Rosary, and it has been a real blessing in so many ways. Here is a link if you would like to learn more about it: http://http//

We are also in the process of simplifying our lives by means of cleaning out the house. We are preparing for a garage sale in 2 much to do! I really like the idea of minimalism, but honestly, I'm not sure that is realistic...yet for me. I am trying to detach myself from material items, but it's so hard! Last year, a friend and I decided to have 2 garage sales a year each 6 months apart in hopes of decluttering. I have to say that it has become easier to keep the house more clean(not quite to the point I want) without so much stuff in the way. It's a process!

In homeschooling this year, our goals are to establish a Latin club and actually learn it!! We have studied root words but haven't ventured into an actual curriculum...yet. Also we will establish a Book of Centuries, which is a method used by Charlotte Mason. I think this will help the kids develop a broad understanding of a historical timeline and provide a great resource of understanding. The kids have also just started a "Peer Models for Autism" program where they will interact with autistic children. We are also starting an apologetics program to help us better understand and explain our faith. With 4 kids to teach this year, I'm a little overwhelmed but also can't believe how fast the past 7 years have flown by! Through the Grace of God we go!!

I also promise to post money saving opportunities as often as I find them!


  1. Welcome to blogger!! I love blogging, it's so much fun to look back and I've ended up with a really great record of things in Gemma's little life in addition to just her baby book. Also a fun way to keep friends and family, in and out of town, up-to-date and daily comings and goings!! I look forward to following your blog.

  2. I'm a go for the latin club. What do you have in mind? Latin prayers? Roman History? I have a small assortment of short latin stories for more advanced students, and a phrase book? Could just get the kids together to recite some conversation phrases, prayers and grammar?