Monday, August 31, 2009

Target Deals...Did you know?


If you didn't know about Target's awesome coupon policy..let me share it with you.
Target not only honors competitor's sales(bring in the ad) they also allow you to use their Target coupons(print off from the above link..scroll down and type in the # you want. You don't need to sign in or register on this site..just print.) they allow you to use Manufacturer's coupons with it. BTW>>>Walgreens has the same policy.
Anyway, here are a few smokin' deals this week:
  1. Bananas .50 off from 1 pound and up(just buy 1 pound)
  2. Huggies diapers 1.50 off combine this with any Manufacturer's @$6.00 after coupons.
  3. Johnson's Baby Toiletry Item $1.00 off...Johnson's Soap Buddies are only .97 cents so it's FREE
  4. Archer Farms Artisan Bread $1.00 off..they sell small loaves for $1.00 so it's FREE
  5. Market Pantry Cheese Products $1 off 2, they sell MP string cheese for .50 each, buy's FREE
  6. Bic Stationary Products $1.00 off 2 combine this the recent coupon that was in the Sunday paper circular and 2 packages of Blue ink pens (clearanced to .70 each) they will be FREE

Target also has some great Target gift card deals...check the ad from the Sunday paper or online at

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