Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Journal: Shirley Temple

Outside my window: partly cloudy, it's been hard having any kind of clothing organization, with winter and summer-like springtime temps bouncing back and forth. Out the back window, we had our dead Birch tree cut down, such a relief!! Some of the large limbs were falling, so the kids were banned from using the backyard until it was safe again.

In the kitchen: Discovering salmon patties, the kids love them and I love they are getting some great Omega nutrients. Dying eggs and our egg shaped sugar cookies...YUM!!

Crafting: We paid Noah and Jonah to strip the wallpaper and paint the little boys room. It's now sporting a black and khaki neutral decor.

The kids: Noah: somehow strained his neck while doing math and can hardly turn his head! He must get his talents of self-injury from me!
The Bible: The Epic Mini Series (Widescreen)
Jonah: is loving the Bible mini epic series(History Channel) we purchased for them as an Easter gift. He has been comparing the episodes with the Bible.

Shirley then
Shirley more recently
Hannah: has been into Shirley Temple since reading, Heidi and Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm and then watching the movies on youtube. She found some paperdolls I had purchased years ago in storage and has been spending a great deal of time with them. I purchased a few books off of thriftbooks about Shirley Temple, she is(still alive at 85 years) an amazing person who served as US ambassador for 2 countries and was the Chief of Protocol. Wow!

Eli: along with the other kids, adores his baby brother and is convinced he can talk...Gregory babbles Mama, and Buh-buh(brother...of course!)

Benny: I downloaded a Looney Tunes phonics program that he absolutely loves and it's helping him with his reading. I highly recommend it!

Charlie: was eagerly anticipating Easter and asked me everyday, "How many more days till Easter?" He came up to me the other day and said, " Somebody better be a policeman when they grow up, because I'm going to be a robber when I grow up." I said, "Charlie, being a robber is a big sin." He said, "I know, Mom, I'm actually just going to wear the costume."

Photos to share:
Enjoying the nice weather.

Taking the high chair for test run.

Gregory: is growing and changing so much, he will have his first set of pics taken on Friday at Portrait Innovations.

Thinking/Praying about: balancing time for our immediate family and serving others/volunteering commitments. Continue to pray for family members who are suffering so much, Pope Francis, Bishop Jackels intentions...seems like the one for more moisture is being heard, Praise God!

Finding joy: in the Resurrection of our Lord...Alleluia!! In gathering together with family and friends, in anticipation of our impending family trip, savoring the french mints Don bought me for Easter, relishing the sweet comfort of holding a sleeping baby and bitter sweetly watching my older children grow up and up and up!


  1. We like canned salmon here too!

    I commented back to your comment on my blog about The Bible, but basically what I said was:

    After episode 3 (which we watched after I wrote this post) I was actually a little disappointed. And I've been chatting with my uncle about the violence as well. I plan to talk more about it next week, in a nutshell though it seems that they spend so much time on one thing to the negligence of others (I couldn't believe they only gave Jacob and his sons lip-service, and that they skipped from David all the way to the Babylonian exile). But anyways, I hadn't talked to many others who have watched it, so glad to have someone else with whom to chat about it!!

    I like your green strolle4. I wanted the green one when I bought ours 5 yrs ago but they only had gray. So boring.

    Oh Charlie, that's hilarious!!

    Soooooo grateful for the rain, but ready for some less schizophrenic temps.

  2. Oh, I remember what else I was going to say. I am reading Heidi now with Gemma (and Kolbe, since we usually read at lunch or snack) and she really likes it. I am enjoying it as well!

  3. So that's how you get things done around your house - 'child labor'! Kidding of course - but you are smart! I too feel bittersweet about watching the kids grow older. I wish I could hold onto these precious times forever but at the same time it is nice to have them grow up and be able to help more.
    I've been interested in that Bible series - we don't have cable though.
    Where will your Family trip be this year?

  4. Monica, so cool you are reading Heidi to your kiddos! Have you read them The Secret Garden, we absolutely loved it and read a few more of Burnett's books as well. We tend to get stuck on an author and read several more.

    Erika, Ha Ha!! At $40 each, they were not complaining. If we want them to do something above and beyond their daily chores, we negotiate a price. We also don't have cable or any kind of tv reception, we purchased the DVD when it came out on April 2nd. Our family trip is a secret...I will blog about it....soon;)

  5. I'll have to remember Secret Garden. I have "All of a Kind Family", "Charlotte's Web" and "Mary Poppins" on our list coming up.