Friday, April 5, 2013

Gregory's 6 Month Picture

Gregory George Rohr 6 Months on April 10th
I don't have a scanner, so I had to take a picture of the picture. There were so many sweet pictures, but we opted for the promotional package only, from Portrait Innovations and later at home, I ordered a photo panel of a different pose online.
 I wish the background wasn't so pink, but I love the pose....especially the praying hands.


  1. Precious! I was able to upload our pics to Facebook and then download them on the computer, that way we could see more of the poses at home. When were you there, we went Friday AM with Clem.

  2. Thank you, Monica! We were there the same day at 4PM. I bet Clem's pics are so cute...can't wait to see them! I was able to download our pics also from their website, but it saves them so small...but it's good enough for viewing.

  3. Yeah, ours are saved really small too, but at least we can see them!!

    HOw funny, we were scheduled for 3:30, but then I called in the AM when he was awake and happy and they could fit us in. Otherwise we would have seen you!!