Friday, February 15, 2013

Journal: Baby Blues

Out My Window: Brighter now in the mornings....which I love!

Lent: We decided to re-add the Rosary daily, because while I was pregnant we quit praying it together as a family. And that's pretty much it.
In the Kitchen: Fruitflys...lots of them!! They moved in with the seedlings I planted...and we can't get rid of them!! Anyone know of affordable solutions?
The Kids: Hannah and her Daddy attended the annual father daughter dance, and since it was at Kapaun(Don's old stomping grounds) she got a private tour....they weren't supposed to be nosing around...but  they had a blast!
Oh Gregory!! I can't even remember my life before!! He is such a blessing...but a CLINGY one!! I can hardly step out of the room without him noticing!! As I'm sure all Mammas get, I'm feeling a little worn and blue....and it seems like nothing is getting done!

 Charlie was so excited on Valentine's Day. Our sweet neighbors brought over some cupcakes with little ring favors on top and Charlie was so happy. He told me he is going to wear it to Mass and asked me if I thought Jesus would like it.
Benny's knee has been flaring up again, earlier this year...Christmas weekend actually...he was diagnosed with water on the knee and given a high powered anti-inflammatory....but he wakes up every morning with a limp and a little bit of swelling. I think it's time to revisit the doctor.
Elijah is becoming quite the artist, it's neat to see how much he has improved since last year.
Jonah has the ability to crack me up!! One of his siblings fired an insult at him and he politely responded, "Ahhh, thank you for the gracious compliment, Ma Lady." I bet you can't figure out which sibling;)
Noah has really grown, he is the same size/weight as Don and can wear his clothes...but has the family's biggest set of feet....SIZE 13!
What Brings Me Joy: deep cleaning the bathtub and the kitchen sink, Don's sense of humor, chocolate, being with family...even in sadness, it's nice to be together and tell each other, "I love you!"


  1. RE: the fruit flies. We had that problem in our kitchen too this past fall. We'd tried setting cider vinegar out and although it trapped a few, there were dozens more every day. We FINALLY found relief after doing the steps in this article: Namely - we cleaned all of our drains out with hot water and bleach (the ones we couldn't take apart) used these in the garbage disposal (they carry them at Walmart in the dishwashing detergent aisle): and then meticulously vacuumed (with the cannister vac) the few stragglers (sometimes mid-air, strangely satisfying) and haven't had a problem with them since.

    What a sweet family you have! Good to read an update!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Michelle!! We tried the vinegar,sugar, and coffee method..worked pretty well, but I forgot about the bleach in the sink, we'll do that too!!

  3. I hear you friend.
    Do you remember that old Bill Cosby Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial? The little girl is singing, "I've got the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Blues..."?
    Anyway, that song goes through my head frequently, except it's more like, "I've got the Crap (sorry) stay-at-home Mom Blues..."
    Did you find a baby sling yet? If Gregory is clingy and likes to be with you I think one would really help you!! Let me know and maybe I can ask around for any extras.

  4. Erika, yes, I remember that commercial, now that's going to be going through my head!
    I received a lovely sling as a gift and I use it often!!
    Thank you for thinking of me, you are so sweet!!