Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pregnancy and Stuff

I love checking Babycenter to watch the baby's growth and development. I find it interesting they use food to compare the size of the baby...why not sports equipment or flowers...just wondering?

When reading about this week, Babycenter says "the morning sickness should be waning"...this is NOT what's happening in my body.

I am not a cute pregnant person. I look like a Jabba the Hut impersonator most of the time. So, I won't be sharing any photos of my different rolls and gelatinous masses.....sorry;)

Benny and Charlie were sitting on each side of me on the sofa....Benny leaned in hugging my tummy and said, "Mommy, we are your two pregnant loves."

The other day, Benny asked me to set the timer for 10 minutes because he was "making" something. Apparently, he forgot about it, Don found an egg floating in the bathroom sink...Benny was "hot boiling" it.

Charlie can't say his F's very well so he calls his flip flops his drip drops.

Benny has been showering me with his kind of "love" lately. He told me while once again hugging my tummy that he used to be inside my tummy...Charlie indignantly responded..."NO Benny!!! That was ME!"

I hope you each have a very Blessed Easter!!


  1. Hello friend, am so glad to hear everything is going well. I wish you all happy and blessed Easter. I emailed you, write when you can and feel up to it and know i'm praying for you xx

  2. I feel you, I am NOT a cute pregnant person either! I like the Jabba the Hut reference because that is spot on! Hubby always wants me to take pictures when I am pregnant and I always tell him NO! I do NOT want to remember what I looked like! Happy Easter!

  3. I bet you look just cute!! We all feel like that at that time..but honestly, I think looking down gives us the worse perspective.

    Your little guys are certainly cute. I love the "hot boiling it".