Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coconut Oil Cure

Watch this video about a doctor who gave her husband with Alzheimer's a daily dose of coconut oil. It's amazing, I'm going to share this with my Father-in-law, my Mother-in-law has Dementia. I have been using this off and on over the past's easy to add to almost any cooked or baked food.

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  1. Aaron has been singing the wonders of coconut oil for some time now....we love it in our family!! He just wishes there were some more studies to reference besides the one, especially in places like the Philippines (where it is used regularly by much of the population), about its Alzheimers-preventing benefits. At any rate, good good stuff!!

    And because I am too lazy to leave a separate comment, congrats on your news. My heart is so happy for your family as you continue to do His will. Extra prayers coming your way for sure!!