Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gifted Hands

Do you want your children to be God loving, self motivated and successful? I can't guarantee that reading this book will accomplish that, but it will steer you in the right direction. 

Ben Carson's autobiography is a very honest account of his life. He grew up in the inner city making mostly F's in school and raised by a single mother who struggled with mental illness.

Even though his mother had only received a 3rd grade education, she was instrumental in turning around the lives of her 2 sons.

Ben Carson defeated the odds by eventually becoming one of the world's most successful and famous neurosurgeons. He tells the reader play by play about the small steps of forming and developing our brains and lives to be the best we are capable of  being as God has intended. His faith and trust in God is a beautiful witness to any Christian. He readily accepts and describes his gifts while giving the glory to God.

Don and I were so impressed that we have had all 3 of our older children read it...hopefully motivating them to be responsible and involved in their own formation spiritually and academically.

Btw...this is available on for $3.95 including shipping. Last I checked there were 15 copies available. I have a copy as well that I am happy to lend out, just let me know.

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