Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching Up!!

I was really overwhelmed and so everything that was unnecessary came to a slamming stop, including this blog. I missed it, but it was nice to simplify things awhile and just concentrate on the family and daily life...which for me is plenty! So here's some of what's been happening:
Cherry on a Sunday
Our family dog, Cherry passed away after 15 loyal years. I still remember as newlyweds, Don and I choosing her from a litter of active puppies. She was the calmest and was also the reject of the litter. She sat alone in a corner like a little chocolate ice cream sundae, the only thing missing was a cherry. When I approached her, she cowered as if in fear. I didn't want to frighten her so I retreated to the company of the other puppies who eagerly lapped up the attention. I was shocked when I looked down and saw Cherry come to me and look up at me with her sad eyes and rest her paw in my lap. I scooped her up and smothered her with affection and she became ours. She has had a rough time lately and we knew she was in constant pain. One night she couldn't stop yelping and some other not so pleasant things, and we knew she was dying. The kids had a difficult time as they have all known Cherry as long as their parents. We buried her in the backyard and had a little memorial service for her. Hannah remarked..."Hey Mom, it's a Sunday!! Cherry died on a Sunday!!" With tears sliding down our faces we remembered all that we could about our darling pet.
Scuba Noah
As a thank you for being my #1 helper, Noah was excited to be rewarded with a scuba lesson.

Refreshment Texas Style
Our house finally sold...we had to celebrate and get away from the constant renovations and projects , problems, and issues at our new house, so Texas was a close getaway. It was a very restful time, we lounged around, playing a little unofficial tennis, walks, basketball, swimming and doing something we rarely do at home....WATCHING TV!! Don and I are caught up on all the design trends after watching HGTV, and the kids indulged in the animal kingdom on Animal Planet.

Kitchen Cabinet Sneak Peek...stay tuned


  1. Good to see you blogging again. I am so sorry about your dog. Never. Easy. What kind of a dog was he (my hubby was curious)?

    That's so neat how you rewarded Noah like that. How exciting. Makes me excited to have helpers whose help is, well, more helpful than an almost three-year-old. But she tries and is very sweet (most of the time) so I can't complain, and certainly don't want to wish away her childhood.

    The Texas trip sounds wonderful. Good for you. What a huge plus of homeschooling!!

    God bless!

  2. Monica, Cherry was a dalmation/beagle mix. Yes, 3 and 4 yr olds(Benny)are not always consistant, are they?

  3. Oh i'm so glad you are back, your blog always makes my heart smile :) So so glad that your house sold and you got such a restful break in Texas. Will write a proper letter for Christmas. Hope you are all well, blessings to all of you xxx