Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Before and After Bath



Our main floor bathroom is finally finished...except for a few little details that I am bargain hunting for, a stainless/chrome/nickel finish(basically any shiny silver metal looking finish) trash can and soap dispenser. Overall the main things we changed were: new vanity and countertop we kept the faucet, new porcelain tile floor, new light fixture, new trim, and fresh paint.


  1. Love the bathroom, great colour!

  2. Hey Eloise!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BLOG??? I love the color too!! Do you know what inspired me to paint it? One of Noah's t-shirts!! Luckily, Target sold towels and rugs in the same color, so I had the paint color matched to the towels. I like your pic....Matilda's getting so big, and what a gorgeous pair you make!!