Friday, September 3, 2010

My Heart Yearns...

Some friends of ours, an entire family actually, are becoming missionaries. I have been in awe of their dedication, they sold their house and all their belongings and are joining this missionary group If it were just me, I would be ready to go, but I think about my family......would it be safe enough?.... is it responsible? What about our families here...Don's Mother's failing health?? Am I strong enough to make the sacrifice, how about the rest of my family??? I ponder the virtues my children would learn, really living and really loving and really sacrificing. Talk about living the simple life!! We really would be completely dependant on God....for everything! You don't get to choose where you go, it's a surprise! I don't want to be the young man in the New Testament who walked away from our Lord's call because" he had many belongings" I have felt so empty with material things as of late, they don't satisfy.......I'm sure that we can find many people to serve here even in Wichita, but we in the USA have absolutely NO idea of what real poverty is. So many thoughts, as much as I am drawn to this, I know in my heart that God wants me here..... ....but still my heart yearns....maybe someday???


  1. Are you familiar with the FOCUS missionaries? They minister on college campuses. I won't take up space here talking about it, but it's another form of mission work that would be closer to home.

  2. Yes Elizabeth,I am familiar with FOCUS, and they mostly recruit college age applicants, they also have mission trips to various places...but again they mostly recruit students for these missions. As an American, I have been blessed with freedom and prosperity, to be honest, I feel somewhat guilty for this "priviledge".I would like to serve the very poor of the poor and through that service evangelize. I don't feel that I am dynamic enough to inspire college students, but I know that I could love and serve the poor. I appreciate your suggestion, and I am inspired to further investigate opportunities closer to home.