Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hannah's $10 Birthday Party

Can you have a decent Birthday Party for $10?? I say YES! While we are still in extreme budget mode with our 2 house payments, Hannah just had to have a Princess themed birthday party. Here is the breakdown:
Invitations: Free(I just printed these off the computer and we handed them out as we saw our guests at different functions)

Cupcakes: $ 4.29 ( I made 56 total, 1 white mix and 1 Devil's food and only 1 can of frosting, princess cupcake liners were on sale at Dillons for .79 cents. The girls decorated their own cupcakes with sprinkles and decorations I had leftover from other baking projects.

Shaved Ice: $3.67 ( We had the shaved ice machine purchased a few years ago at Goodwill for $1.99) and the bag of ice was $1.47 and 2 packages of koolaid was .20 cents, this makes the syrup, just mix with sugar and a small amount of water and drizzle over the shaved ice. Spoons and foam cups $2.00 from Dollartree.

Princess Craft: $1.99 Kit purchased from Michael's on clearance. Each girl made their own princess themed picture frame, I took each of the girl's pic and printed it out to put into the frame and they took home the completed frame as a party favor.

Princess Game: Free We printed out a pic from "Princess and the Frog" that we enlarged to 17X22 and used green card stock from Grandma's stash to cut out tiara's to match the pic. We played stick the tiara's on the Princess. The prize was a few freebies I had collected over the last few months with coupons.

Gifts: In lieu of gifts, Hannah requested a few items to take to The Lord's Pantry at St. Pat's.

Total: $9.95
In all honesty, I really missed not being able to send home a goodie bag with each child, this is where I usually spend the bulk of a birthday party budget, but that was just not possible this year. As a parent, I am not a huge fan of goodie bags anyway, as the items usually end up as feet implants or landfill foder.

The highlight of the party was when we gathered to pray for the recipients of the "gifts", each girl began requesting prayers for their own was such a sweet and unplanned moment.


  1. It was a great party! I always say I'm not doing goodie bags, but cave in the end. I absolutely hate them and was grateful Emma didn't come home with one. Next party I have, remind me to be firm and not get goodie bags!

  2. Way to go Debi! That looks like an awesome party, and the $10 price tag blows my mind! I'm also very impressed with Hannah's giving spirit of requesting things for other people to use instead of "stuff" for herself! What a beautiful young lady you have there, and a wonderful testament to you and Don's parenting and faith in the Lord!

  3. Yes Becky, I will remind you..not that you'll listen!LOL!!
    Oh Elizabeth, I wish I could say that it was Hannah's idea, but actually it was mine, she wanted to invite so many girls, so we compromised. She got a big party and I didn't have to deal with more stuff in the house....the older I get the less stuff I desire to maintain or trip over;) Not to mention it's a good lesson on better to give than receive and she really did LOVE her party and had a wonderful time and it had nothing to do with what she got.

  4. Wow! I am inspired. I am a major over-spender on birthday parties (and probably everything else too!). You do such a nice job with your home decor and your party planning while sticking to a budget - good for you! And the giving to the Lord's Diner was very humbling... I hope I can instill such a strong sense of stewardship in my children as you have done in yours! You inspire me to focus on the important things... not the material things! Thank you!

  5. Thanks Danielle! You are so sweet, but my kids still get the gimmies all the's a process for sure...we are all on a journey....Blessings to your beautiful family!!