Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heartache of China

While touring NASA on vacation last week, we met a Chinese tour group. They sat in front of our family on the tram tour. It started out with 1 question, "Are these all your children?" Don and I exchanged a knowing glance and expected to hear the usual comments that follow, such as..."You must have your hands full!", or "Better you than me!"(followed by maniacal laughter), or "I/We would/could NEVER do that!" but they didn't come, instead they remarked "What a lovely family." As the tour progressed, they watched the children with fascination, in fact, delight! Whenever possible they stroked the younger ones' hair and heads. After the tour was over, they approached us and asked to take pictures with the kids and were giddy with excitement when we approved. Some of the ladies in the group asked to hold Charlie, and it was rare to see such joy and sincere happiness. Later, we explained to the children that in China, the government has mandated a 1 child per family law, and that they hardly ever get to see brothers and fact imposing the eventual extinction of the extended family. The kids now pray for China to change thier laws in our nightly prayers. As eager, akward arms outstretched to hold our little Charlie, our friends from China experienced the beauty of American Freedom, while we witnessed the Heartache of China.

NASA PIC, you can see our Chinese tour friends behind the kids.


  1. wow, what a great experience for them and your family!
    I'm sure your older children will remember that for a long time.
    And it must have been nice for you and Don to be 'heros' for one family. :)

  2. Thank you Erika, I actually wrote this in May of 2009, I just transferred some of my articles over from my now deactivated facebook account. I just wanted to keep some of those memories I posted. Yes, you are right, I think it will be one of life's memories. I don't know if we felt like heroes, but we certainly appreciated their geniune admiration.

  3. Thanks for sharing Debi! You truly do have a beautiful family and are a wonderful example of what being open to God's love can bring to your life. Who knows, maybe in some small way the witness of your family and their prayers will help start a domino effect that will have a positive influence on those in China that do not share the same freedoms we so often take for granted. Having just celebrated Claire's 1st birthday I can't imagine the possibility of having not been "allowed" to have her! Thank you for reminding us to pray for them.