Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No Longer Absent

Hi! I am actually still alive! I have been gone for 2+ years and thanks to encouragement from my good friend, Eloise and my new "friend" Jennifer Fulwiler, I am back. I can't believe it's been so long!!

I have missed reading all the wonderful inspiring blogs and I have missed posting. I really needed some guidelines to follow to ensure my blog was uplifting and a blessing to others and a true reflection of my life.  I feel like I now have those guidelines after hearing Jennifer Fulwiler speak at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference this past weekend. The guidelines are actually based on the writings of St. Francis de Sales' book, Introduction to a Devout Life. I need to dig up my copy and keep it close to my computer!

Life has been full of ups and downs over the past few years. My baby, Greg is now 3! I have a man child, Noah, rocking an Amish beard at 19
,Inline image 1

 a 17 year old soon to be partially deaf son, Jonah who enjoys blasting out his eardrums,
a budding almost 15 year old artist, Hannah (holding a relative's baby),

 a 12 year old thinker, Eli and my 2 Rock em Sock em Robots, Benny (9) and Charlie(7).

As always, I'm still trying to figure things out and I am learning a little bit too....although that seems to have slowed lately. I am navigating through peri-menopause, let me tell you, if you want excitement, that is IT. Wow! I never know if I am happy, sad, mad, or just forgetful....usually it's a combo deal.

My goal is to get back on track and see if I can remember how to blog and I promise I will post regularly!

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  1. I'm sorry it took me so long to read this :( I am getting more and more forgetful as I get older, I need to carry a notebook around with me to write things down! You're so lucky to have such a big family :) Joao and I would love to add to our family but its not seeming to be destined sadly and my biological clock is starting to sound more like a grenade with the pin perilously close to being pulled! hehe

    Hope you're all well xx