Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dollar Tree Deals

Warning: the following products are shipped in from China and China's practices and regulations are different than USA standards.
I wanted to share a few of the really great Dollar tree deals that our family has discovered in the frozen food section. The only ingredients listed are the fruits and veggies. We've been stocking the freezer, I love it when I can find food even cheaper than Aldi prices! I found these at 3 different Dollar tree stores in Wichita.
We have tried both and they make wonderful fajitas and stir fry. Yum!!

We love smoothies and I actually like the taste of this fruit better than Aldi's frozen fruit.


  1. Cool! I love the Kroger veggie mixes but you can't beat $1!

  2. We go thru frozen mangoes like they are going out of style during the summer. We just eat them plain straight from the freezer. Tastier than a popsicle! We usually get ours at sams.

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  5. i don't know if you'll see this here, but i wanted to let you know...

    i was so excited about this post when i first saw it! we use frozen berries to make our oatmeal more exciting, so i had tim pick some up for me. unfortunately, at least on the ones he got-peaches and strawberries- they are products of china. i've heard that any food coming out of china is pretty questionable because they have very little regulation and unsafe growing practices for things like produce, fish (tilapia), and even honey : ( we ate the several bags that he bought, but we won't be buying it again unless i see that the country of origin changes.

    i was really bummed about this because sometimes it feels hard to feed our families good healthy food without breaking the budget. i really hope this doesn't come across as judgmental. i just thought you'd want to know.

  6. Thanks Mary, I didn't even realize it was from China.That's too bad!
    I pray everyone stays healthy that bought the fruits and veggies....we ate loads of them! I will put a warning in the title.