Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Journal: Hairline Fracture

Out my window: melting snow making way for warmer weather!!

I'm glad the snow is leaving but it was so pretty when it clung to the branches!

From the Garden: Our hitchhiking snowman caught a drift.
From the ER: Jonah fractured his hand while playing at friends house. I have to say he has been quite the trooper about it, not complaining and probably overdoing it a little. We took him back to the Dr earlier this week and it's healing beautifully, hopefully the splint will come off in 10 days.

 From the Kitchen: Gregory is not much bigger than a 32 oz cup!
Our Baby: Gregory is a teething machine!! He's got 2 bottom teeth trying to come out, but they sure are stubborn!

 From the Classroom: Noah and Jonah got a tour with our homeschool group to KSN.
Journal quiz: Mark Bogner will be leaving KSN in April to pursue a new career. Can you guess what it is??
Jonah was pleasantly surprised that his green shirt disappeared on the weather map's green screen.
Crafting: I'm thinking about my bare basement windows. I want to put up some cute little curtains. I'll be posting about it soon!!

Praying about: The conclave and wondering how long it will take to elect a new Pope. Also, thinking about the "prophecies" about the 3 last Popes...hmmmm....also thinking about JPII's new springtime. I'm curious about the  new Pope's name, will it be JP III or Benedict XVII??


  1. My money is on JPIII, but how cool would it be to have another Pope Clement!! Or Gregory I suppose!!

  2. Ok, now you made me curious about Mark Bogner??
    I have no idea what to even guess about the new Pope's name! Pope John Benedict I? ;) I am so curios who it will be! At first I thought, no way could it be an American, but now I'm wondering if maybe it could be since they are looking for someone who is charismatic and knows how to fight for religious freedom. If I could pick (ha!) I'd pick Chaput or Bishop Vasa. Neither are cardinals though so it's a low possibility ;) I don't really know any of the cardinals.
    Too bad about the fracture! Hope he recovers fast and well!

  3. Mark Bogner will be a hearing aid salesman.