Monday, April 19, 2010

How Not to Clean a Swimming Pool....With your BUTT!

THE POOL BEFORE Tonight was very productive and we managed to scrub down several walls in the house and we have completely drained the in ground swimming pool except for about 6 inches of sludgy goop at the bottom. The pool slopes to a depth of 10 feet and made of fiberglass with a vinyl liner. I was standing on the side spraying around the perimeter to scrub the sides to loosen debris so I could spray it off better. While wearing my very well-worn traction-free flip flops, I decided to climb in and I got a little too close to the slopey part of the deep end and down I went over and over again.....with my kids sitting on the edge watching in horror. I realized I couldn't get out without a little help, so I sent the kids in to find Don. He came out with his hands on his hips and yelled.."What are you doing down there?" He repeated his question 2 more times, I can not publish on this lovely blog my response, but the gist of it was..."Stop asking me and throw me a rope so I can climb out!" Anyway, the part where my butt slid down is much cleaner. Mission partially accomplished!
Of course, I had to apologize to my better half for my unlady like response, and he said he was sorry he was so slow to respond but he was in shock because "Honey, you don't usually do such stupid things." Yeah....usually! We all laughed about it on the way home and the kids asked if after the pool was all cleaned out if they could ride on "the slide".


  1. Hehe! Thanks for sharing one of your less lady-like moments. I especially liked Don's response! Ah, the things the men we love will say :)

    Oh, and my parents have an in-ground pool and one of our favorite things to do as kids was to hold our breath and see who could slide the farthest down the slope before floating back up to the top. Enjoy!

  2. Elizabeth, there are plenty of those(unlady-like moments), but I am not humble enough to publish them!!!

    I'm glad to hear that you survived childhood with a swimming pool, my Mom is very worried about us having a pool...I admit I am concerned as well, we will make sure we keep it covered unless we are there using it with the kids and there is a fence around it also.

  3. My mom had similar feelings b/c she wasn't a strong swimmer, so they had an electric cover on theirs. There was also no question about what the pool rules were, so we knew better than to try and push that boundary ;)

    I really enjoyed having the pool and eventually became a lifeguard and WSI (water safety instructor) through the Red Cross and taught swimming lessons in our backyard during the summer. Best commute time I ever had for a job :D

  4. You have a swimming pool, oh wow, i'm so happy for you guys, you will have so many happy times and memories in that pool!!! It will be like a permanent vacation (well almost!). Sorry I have been rubbish at keeping in touch, I miss talking to you and need to send your sweet kiddos some treats from the UK. Let me know by email when you move/new address etc. BTW, your pool butt story was very funny. I'm glad i'm not the only one who occasionally has a lapse and becomes 'unlady like' lol!